Monday, November 2, 2015

Pushing Myself Up A Hill

Where is my drive? This week marks the beginning of the final month of the challenge. I am doing pretty good and I am seeing some significant change just not exactly where I want it. My body is still holding on for dear life to the fat around my upper arms and legs.
I hear that 80% of the fight against fat is the food we put in our bodies. What I typically see is me doing really good with eating but missing my workouts or hitting it good with my workouts but my eating is horrible. It is really hard for me to do both.
I know that in order to reach my goals for this challenge I have to do both now. I am struggling. I want to workout but I am finding it really difficult. This morning I couldn’t get into gear in time to get a workout done. I kept thinking I would do it later. Later was 5 minutes working out and hearing my baby wake up from his nap and having to stop.
Course, I probably could have went for the 20 minutes I normally strive for on days I don’t feel like working out but today I took the excuse and stopped. Tonight I did a workout but it wasn’t very strong and I wasn’t very motivated.
I feel disappointed in myself but I also feel like I am at a point of transition. I need to make that decision to be who I say I am; to strive for goals that I set instead of backing off when it starts to get hard. I want the rewards that come with not holding back. I want to win!!!!!

I am happy I vented and let out all those emotions that are weighing me down. I can overcome. I can do this. I can. I will.