Friday, November 27, 2015


I finished! I completed my 12 weeks challenge and I am feeling amazing. I love my new body AND my new life. I signed up for the Black Friday virtual 5k today. Here is my submission story and before and after pics. Happy Thanksgiving! #noexcusemom2015 #noexcuserunners #blackfridaydetoxrun

"If I lose, I'll walk away and never feel bad because I did all I could. There was nothing more to do." ~Joe Frazier
Here it is! I am really surprised at my final photos. I wasn't sucking in!!!! This really is my NEW body!!! Yay for giving up my excuses and sticking with the plan. Good luck to all that participated!
My journey began with the words, “just do it.” I was exhausted from a full day’s work of dishes, cooking, homeschooling, and just keeping up with two special-needs children. Beside me were piles of paperwork and unfinished business and before me was the message that the final hour was nearing to sign up for the No Excuse Mom weight-loss challenge.
“Am I up for this?” I asked myself. I tried to dismiss the thought and continue my mindless web surfing but I heard the whisper, “Just do it.” I tried to talk myself out of it but the enthusiasm overtook my inhibitions and I was locked in before I knew what hit me.
That evening was a blur as I completed the checklist, was measured, and photographed. Holy moly, what did I do? I then purchased Maria’s book and when it arrived I came to realize this was so much more than a weight-loss challenge – this was a life-changing challenge! I could do this, it would take a lot of work, but I could do this!
In the beginning I just focused on finishing; finishing one workout, one load of clothes, and one pile of clutter. I struggled daily. It didn’t take long to see just how much I used my circumstances to justify my situation and convince myself that I was powerless to change. Here I was doing it and nothing about my life changed other than my thoughts and actions!
I struggled with my auto-immune disease flare-ups and exhaustion. Due to an umbilical hernia, it took six weeks before I was able incorporate weight lifting. I depended on my goal board and calendar to keep me focused and marching forward. Each time I fell off target, I would remind myself to try again the next day.
My biggest struggle is eating. I love eating all food, especially the food left behind by my children. It is a major cause of my flare-ups. Now I have the power to say, “Not right now” to my cravings and not feel deprived. I never starved myself but focused on eating only whole foods that nourished my body.
I am so happy I completed this challenge, more so for my home life than my new body. I focused on finding my rhythm with everything in my life. Now that normal everyday activities are on a schedule, I stopped forgetting important things (like picking up dry cleaning) and was able to find time to spend with my children. I even cleaned off the desk!
I only lost 9.8 pounds but my body fat changed from 26.7% to 20.0%. I fit comfortably in my size three jeans. I am able to run two miles without stopping. I have more energy to keep up with my schedule. My children have started to imitate me working out. I also found new friends in the local No Excuse Mom exercise group.
Thank you for providing the incentive to get up and get going again; I am forever changed