Saturday, October 3, 2015


Today was the day to check on my status. Honestly, I haven’t been doing that great these first few weeks. I have been hitting my workouts kind of hard and kind of watching what I eat, but really, if I were to be completely honest with myself, I would have to say that I haven’t been putting forth a real effort. I have been trying, but I have also been finding ways to not hold up my end of the bargain. As a result, I feared what today might bring.
The measuring tape, the scale, and the InBody analysis wouldn’t lie. They would tell you what I have and have not been doing. You would know the truth. Reluctantly, I woke this morning determined to take status on my diet and announce to the world my progress.
My morning felt extra stressful. Jason took my pictures but since we were taking them in the daylight hours it wasn’t the same distance as the others and I couldn’t get a good read on how I had changed. To me, I only changed around my middle and that was it. I was so disappointed. I really felt like I had lost some serious inches. The pictures and measuring tape didn’t seem to indicate that.
I wasn’t in the best of spaces when it was time to eat lunch. We were having one of my meals that would normally cause me to cheat; or at the very least, want to cheat. We were having pizza. It came out of the oven all hot and delicious. I turn around and my husband is cracking open a beer. Oh, not one, but TWO weaknesses! I was salivating at the sight of his ice, cold beer and I knew it would go down smooth. It was almost too much. My inner voice kept urging me to just open a beer and savor that rich, golden brew. I could take today off and try again tomorrow. SHUT UP VOICE! I have been listening to that voice a little too frequently this month.
I sat there and stared at my one slice of pizza. I had to make it last. I had to enjoy every last bite. I was only having one piece. One piece. As usual, my children ate half of theirs and left the table. Didn’t they know how amazing this tasted??? Oh, I wanted to eat their pieces so bad. I wanted a damn beer. AGGGGHHHH!!!! This is too much! I got up, grabbed a few bites off my son’s plate and chewed slowly and savored the extra calories I hadn’t intended to consume. Oh well, I didn’t cheat too bad but I still didn’t NOT cheat at all… No sense thinking about it too hard since it was time to go get my analysis done.
I walked into the Complete Nutrition store to have my analysis done and I was nervous. Thankfully the super nice owner, Chris, I had met the first time I went in there wasn’t there. I could embarrass myself with a perfect stranger. As I was standing there getting my analysis guess who pops around the corner to say hi? Yep, the really nice owner Chris. Turns out he was there doing inventory in the back and recognized my voice. He grabbed my paperwork and we went to the table to go over the results.
I didn’t bring in my previous assessment so I thought I would be in the clear. Nope. They printed me out another copy. Lucky me. He looked over the results and said, “Wow Carey, I can see you have been working hard! You have lost nearly 1% body fat!”
To say I was shocked would be an understatement. “How long have you been doing this again?” Chris inquired.
“Three weeks.” I smiled broadly
“Wow, three weeks! This is really great Carey. Keep this up and you will start to see some great results soon.” He smiled in return.
We talked about the protein powder I bought and how I was to start taking it twice a day. That was a relief as I felt I could take it as a snack in the morning and afternoon. I left feeling on cloud 9!
Now, I wasn’t a complete goof off these past few weeks. I have been working out 5 times per week but I had way too many cheat meals as everyone seems to have birthdays and anniversaries in September! Somewhere I was doing something right. Getting those results really helped kick me in gear. I could do this. I could still win this competition if I only buckled down and committed myself to really giving it 100%.
I skipped the planned trip to Starbucks and resolved to not cheat anymore. I was only cheating myself. I got home and put in that TaeBo DVD and 55 minutes later I finished it!!! I am still feeling the effects of that workout. I had enough energy to vacuum at 7:30pm and finish cleaning the kitchen at 8:30 after putting the kids down. It is now 10:30 and my body is starting to tell me its tired.

Game on! Ready for tomorrow and ready to plan my meals for the week. Watch out everyone, I am coming up from behind!!!!