Monday, April 27, 2015


I can’t believe it has been four years since Jason and I did our Body for Life Challenge. That was so amazing for us but sadly we stopped exercising later that year and only now am I beginning to get started on a regular workout regime. Jason has been back on the wagon for over 3 months and has been patiently waiting for me to get it in gear. I needed something to motivate me. Unfortunately nothing came and I had to dig way deep and start the gears going myself.
It did help that I have been reading The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young, PhD. It basically says that everything that is wrong with you is due to a pH imbalance in your system. I didn’t really think much of it so I happen to have some pH sticks laying around and I used them one morning. I was shocked. My pH was in the 5.3 range and that was incredibly acidic (optimal pH is 7.2).
It made sense that an acidic system breaks down faster and harbors disease and illness. This can be proven in a simple fish tank. Let the pH get out of whack and you will have some dead fish on your hands. Looking at the stick turned yellow caused me to think. Do I want to age fast or slow? I am voting for slow. This would take some work on my part since I love food!
Over the next week I am going to slowly prepare myself for the whole body cleanse. In the book it is suggested to take 12 weeks to slowly transition into the pH diet lifestyle. Thankfully I have already made my way through much of the 12-step transition period naturally over the past six months. I have replaced breakfast with a smoothie, I eat more raw food, dairy is nearly completely out of my diet (a little bit of cream in my coffee) but that will have to go with the diet anyway because coffee is super acidic.
Yeast is next and we haven’t eaten bread in a long time. I am guilty with the white flour and white rice but that is an easy fix as we only recently added those back into our diet. The last three are remove added sugar, fruits, and condiments from my diet. I have to say that these are already nearly done. I hardly cook with sugar and we substitute prunes and dates for sugar in a lot of my cooking. The fruits are mostly for my boys as are the condiments. The only thing I see as a challenge is the removal of meat because I love me some meat! I think I am ready to start the real thing!
Once I started really considering a drastic diet change I did become interested in working out too. Course, it is not a good idea to go crazy on a diet and tax your body with a strenuous workout program. I am taking it super easy. Tonight I only did one set of all my exercises and at most used 5 pound hand weights. I will get more in detail as the time progresses but I am excited about getting healthy! I can’t wait to see what I look like in three months!