Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inpired by Those Who Can Forgive

The Healing Power of Forgiveness Part 1

The above link is to download the video broadcast. If may take a while depending upon your internet connection. You can visit the website directly here and check out the broadcast for September 27 & 28.

Anne and Jonas Beiler shared their inspiring story with Joyce Meyer. They lost their 19 month-old daughter in a tragic farming accident; her aunt accidentally ran her over with the tractor. During the grieving process, Anne was taken advantage of by their minister and found herself in a destructive relationship. When she told her husband, he wanted to do whatever was necessary to save their marriage. A wise counselor told him to “love her as Christ Jesus loves you.”
To see them now you would never know of the pain and agony they have suffered. They radiate happiness and act like newlyweds. It created an opportunity to talk with my husband about their story. We shared our thoughts with each other and talked about what we could do to prevent it from happening in our relationship.
Motivational Challenge: I encourage you to listen to their story and see if it doesn’t inspire you to talk to your spouse about infidelity before it happens.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Inspire Others and Inspire Yourself

My life is super busy and sometimes I don't have the time to sit and chat with everyone I know. But I find much of my inspiration comes from talking with others. I am so excited to hear about someone’s goals and aspirations. Yesterday, my sister-in-law tells me she is thinking about writing a book, or ten for that matter. Seems she can't find the inspiration to get one started, as she has so many different ideas. I continued to think about her dilemma throughout the afternoon.
I currently am writing a book proposal and was looking through the list of recent book deals on I kept coming across announcements of deals for young adult books. I remembered my sister-in-law once talked about wanting to write children's books. I sent her a quick email along with some words of encouragement. I told her to focus on her best idea and get it submitted. I also sent a copy of a recent book deal in which the author received a few hundred thousand dollars for a book series.
Today, I seem to be really tired and not ready for the week to start. (I know I am not the only one who hates Mondays!) My husband wakes me up and informs me my son is ready to get up. Oh, where is the snooze button on babies?? I make breakfast but it feels like I am moving in slow motion. Coffee isn't helping. My husband leaves for work and I decide to delay my morning by checking my email.
The first email waiting for me is from my sister-in-law. She expresses her excitement over the information I sent. After every sentence I read, I can feel myself getting excited too. She ends with the promise of putting words to paper and the words ‘Thank You’. All of a sudden I am pumped! (The coffee seems to have just kicked in) What goes around comes around. So send out some inspiration and see what comes back to you!
MOTIVATIONAL CHALLENGE: Find your inspiration today by inspiring others. Keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities to encourage others. Report back on what it did for you!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inspired by Those Who Are Living Their Dream

This weekend a group of friends and us decided to take a trip to the Sonoita and Elgin area for some wine tasting. My husband and I are huge wine fans, and the day was perfect. Between the different wineries we visited, I found my inspiration for the day.

We went to visit Lightning Ridge Cellars, which has only been open for about 10 months. I happened to speak to Ron (pictured above), who runs the winery with his wife Ann, and he shared their interesting story.

“About 8 years ago we were living in the Bay Area and Ann was feeling unfulfilled with her job.”

 They were hiking, and after hearing her talk of owning a winery someday...again, Ron asked if she wanted to quit her job and open a winery.

“I just wanted her to be happy.”

Now Ann was not unfamiliar with making wine; she was already doing it in their garage at home. (A fact I found especially impressive!) She had talked about it for years, but now they were done talking and ready to go forward. It took about 2 years to find the right property, and 6 years ago they left the Bay Area and started growing grapes for a living.

“Then the hard work began, but you got to believe it will work well.”

10 months ago they were officially open for business and selling wine. Their tastings cost $7 but if your friends want a truly unique experience, ask about reserving a tasting in their wine storage room. It costs more but it is worth it.

“We want to recreate how tastings are done in Italy.”

I was inspired to hear their story and recommend visiting their winery. Ann makes amazing fudge (and I don’t usually like fudge) which is served with their dessert wine.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finding Purpose in the Pain

Mississippi Woman Determined to Slim Down Entire Town

How do you deal with pain, real pain, the kind of pain only known when a loved one is lost? Linda Fondren was by her sister's side as she lay dying from cancer. Mary looked at Linda and said "I wished I had lived my life more for myself." It wasn't the cancer, it was obesity that kept Mary Washington from enjoying life. Mary was 4' 11" and weighed 260 pounds.
Linda became a woman on a mission. She used that pain to start a crusade and 4 years later Linda is being recognized for her efforts. To date the community has lost 15,000 pounds! Way to go Linda!!

Pain is often why people get motivated to make a change. A wise friend once told me "When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, it is then that you will change."

I repeat that saying every day. Pain is an indicator that change is happening or needs to happen. When I lift weights and my muscles hurt, I know things are changing for the better. When I have pain zipping up my pants, then I know I need to get rid of my excuses and start exercising again.

No matter what pain you have in your life, be it emotional or physical, use it to motivate you. Help others or just yourself, either way you will benefit.

MOTIVATIONAL CHALLENGE: What pain are you experiencing in your life? Write down five potential changes you could make to alleviate that pain. Pick the one that speaks to you and commit to making that change for 7 days. That's it...just 7 days. After 7 days, ask yourself, do I still feel that pain? Life only gets better when the pain you feel motivates you to make a positive change. Let me know how it goes!

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspired By One Who Served Our Country

In times of peace and war, those who serve our country risk their lives so that we all may enjoy peace and prosperity. Although any life lost is tragic, it catches my breath to read about a young soldier who placed the welfare of others before himself. Although it is many years past, I am humbled to read about such a selfless and dedicated soldier.

Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor and inducted into the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes.

When your last day on this earth comes, how will you be remembered?

Action Minus Thought Equals Motivation

I am staring at a half-ironed shirt as my son plays with his activity center on the floor. Where is my motivation? My head aches and my body is exhausted. My goal is to iron three shirts this morning - I haven't made it past the first one. But as I take a break from my morning, I reflect on everything I did do today: I cooked breakfast for my husband, made his lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, started my blog, fed my son, gave him a bath and got him dressed for the day. It is 10:00 a.m. and I am finally taking a moment for myself. Now that I think about it, I did a lot today! If I spend too much time thinking about what I need to do, nothing gets done.

Action gets me motivated. Too many times we need to feel like doing something before we get motivated to do it. If I waited till I felt like ironing, my husband would forever be wearing wrinkled shirts! So I get up and turn the iron back on and tell myself to just put iron to shirt and stop thinking about it!

MOTIVATIONAL CHALLENGE: Do ONE thing that you have been putting off doing and see how exhilarating it is. Shirts...HERE I COME!

Join My Journey

Everyday I am looking for ways to inspire myself into action. Come with me on my journey as I search for inspiring stories, motivational techniques and clean humor. Not everyday is rosy and I hope you laugh at my mistakes and mishaps, as I do!

Be sure and let me know what inspires you as I am always on the look out for great stories.

Make today a great day!