Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inpired by Those Who Can Forgive

The Healing Power of Forgiveness Part 1

The above link is to download the video broadcast. If may take a while depending upon your internet connection. You can visit the website directly here and check out the broadcast for September 27 & 28.

Anne and Jonas Beiler shared their inspiring story with Joyce Meyer. They lost their 19 month-old daughter in a tragic farming accident; her aunt accidentally ran her over with the tractor. During the grieving process, Anne was taken advantage of by their minister and found herself in a destructive relationship. When she told her husband, he wanted to do whatever was necessary to save their marriage. A wise counselor told him to “love her as Christ Jesus loves you.”
To see them now you would never know of the pain and agony they have suffered. They radiate happiness and act like newlyweds. It created an opportunity to talk with my husband about their story. We shared our thoughts with each other and talked about what we could do to prevent it from happening in our relationship.
Motivational Challenge: I encourage you to listen to their story and see if it doesn’t inspire you to talk to your spouse about infidelity before it happens.