Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book Progress

My work is nearly done but far from over. This task has taken me farther than I ever thought possible. I initially had thought I would blog about my writing experience. WHATEVER! Who the heck has time to blog when you are writing a book? Not me, especially when I have so few hours to devote to writing anyway. The only reason I am even able to write now is that I can't sleep. My brain is pumping at 100 miles an hour and I can't seem to shut it off.

To catch you up from my last posting… I conducted an Internet search for people who had worked for Enron and were laid off around December 3, 2001. From those names I searched for phone numbers or other contact information; only a small percentage responded. Mostly it was curiosity that drove them to return my messages. I was fascinated by many of the stories told to me over the phone – off-the-record of course. I enjoyed every conversation and found that Enron hired some amazing people. While they all had a story to tell, only twelve made it to the place we are today – close to publishing.

I started the Facebook page after the designer finished the cover. The title of the book is Rising Above Enron. I wish I had more time. Oh well, it is as it is. I am working on the website for the book and when that is done I will close down this blog. Stay tuned, the party is about to begin!