Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspired by Coincidence

Jorge Galeguillos was 500 feet below the earth’s surface when he happened to see a lone white butterfly deep in the mine shaft. He and a co-worker slowed down to investigate further. It isn’t a common sight to see a white butterfly underground. That small action saved their lives. The sliver of time it took for them to focus on the butterfly was enough to spare them from certain death. The rocks caved in around them and their lives were spared.
How likely is it that a small white butterfly just happened to appear deep in the mine just in time to save two unsuspecting miners? Was it coincidence? Galeguillos is convinced the white butterfly was a physical transformation of his guardian angel. I wouldn't be easily convinced if I too didn't have my own story of coincidence. I was sleeping one evening and was awakened by an urgent voice in my head telling me to get out of my house. At that time I was working long hours and going to school full time. So when I slept, I slept! Anyway, I got dressed in record time and went over to my friend’s house who lived about 20 minutes away. I had just arrived when my roommate paged me (back before cell phones were affordable). She was letting me know that we had been burglarized and to come home right away. Apparently the intruder was running out the back as she was coming in the front. I don’t know if the voice I heard was God, an angel or a dream. All I know is I listened and I missed being there when the intruder entered our home.
Motivational Challenge:  Are you listening and watching for a coincidence today?