Friday, October 22, 2010

Inspired to Pick Up Trash

A few mornings a week I take a walk with Ian in the stroller. It feels good to get out and smell the fresh cool air. Ian takes a nap and I have time to clear my head. After a while I began noticing the trash along the way and thought, “hmmm, someone needs to come and pick that up!” Every day I walked, I noticed more and more trash. I would silently curse those inconsiderate souls who pollute the world with their careless littering. One day a thought entered my head: you should pick it up. Interesting thought, I guess I should pick it up. I mean, who else is going to come along and pick it up? The trash has been there for a while. So reached down and picked up an old candy wrapper and stuffed it on the bottom of the stroller. I looked back and smiled, now that looks better!
I continued along my way and when I got home I threw it in the trash. The next time I went, I decided to bring along a plastic bag to hold more trash. I started to go out of my way to pick up cans, discarded junk mail and other trash items. Since I go the same route every day, I began to notice less and less trash. Hmm, I guess someone did pick up the trash…ME! I smile now as I know everyone who comes along this route may not know or care who did it, but I am sure someone appreciated it. Even if the only someone is me!
MOTIVATIONAL CHALLENGE: Bring along a plastic bag with you wherever you go and pick up just one piece of trash. Imagine what our world would look like if everyone picked up one piece of trash!