Monday, November 1, 2010

Inspired by a Rough and Tough Old Biker I Met in Line

I was 19 years old and happened to be sitting next to this rough looking biker. He was all decked out in full leather and at first glance seemed like someone to steer away from. I engaged him in conversation. He turned out to be a very interesting person to talk with. I mentioned that I had a lot of friends. He laughed and said “I go through my list of friends each year and get rid of at least one.” This was quite shocking to me and I must have stared at him with my mouth agape. I couldn’t imagine not being friends with any of my friends, let alone consciously kicking them out of my life! A short while later my number was called and I left to continue on with my day. But I never forgot that conversation.
Seventeen years later I still remember his words and laugh. In our world of Facebook, Twitter and Blogging, it seems I know more people than ever! But just because you know someone doesn’t mean they are your friend. Time is our most valuable resource. If you have over 1000 friends, how much time can you possibly spend being friends? You would have no time for anything else, let alone work! What if they were all having a party on the same day? You would have to say no so someone, who would it be and how would they react?
Seems to me the more people we welcome in our life as friends, the more complex the problem becomes. So while I don’t plan on “unfriending” anyone this year, I have become picky on how I spend my time. Since the baby came, I can’t seem to find much time for myself, let alone anyone else!
MOTIVATIONAL CHALLENGE: Take the words of the rough and tough biker to heart; is everyone in your circle of friends a true friend or an acquaintance? Is there any room for new friends?