Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Ready to Change Our Eating Habits

Finally, my husband and I are on board with making a change for the better. Recently, Jason has been complaining about his weight and I mentioned the Body for Life. I had the book, tried the diet years ago, and he was sold. For the past couple of weeks he has talked more and more about taking the plunge. Sadly, in the past both of us haven't been on the same page and we sabotage each other. This time we are both doing it together. He is accountable to me and I am accountable to him, but we need a third party. Congratulations! You get a front row seat to watch me and my husband attempt to lose weight and achieve amazing results. Okay, so that is what the book promises.
For those not familiar, I recommend checking out their website: They used to have a $100,000 diet challenge, but that is no longer the case. You can still enter but the prizes aren't that great. I figured we might as well blog about our experiences and maybe motivate others in the process. If you are trying it with us, let us know! We could use eating ideas.
The coolest thing about this diet is you get a day off. Yes, it is super strict but once a week you get to eat as much of whatever you want. Course, the other 6 days you are eating super clean; not drinking coffee will be a huge change! So far Jason has quit smoking and stopped drinking soda. I have stopped drinking alcohol for Lent. Might as well throw eating right and exercising in there too.
Right now I am trying to plan out our meals for next week. We are starting the diet on Monday. This should be interesting as Jason is not a vegetable fan and we have to eliminate milk products. To get him to eat his vegetables, I usually drown them in some type of cheese or cheese sauce. We will see. Each day I will blog about what we ate, the recipes and how we exercised. On our cheat days, I plan on telling everyone the really bad stuff I consumed!
So stay tuned as we attempt the Body for Life diet and check us out in 90 days!