Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inspired to Cook a Turkey

It never ceases to surprise me how things happen for a reason. Last Sunday I decided to take the 21 pound turkey out of the freezer. I bought the turkey months back on sale thinking I would get adventurous and cook it. I have never cooked a turkey before. Well, we experienced a profound loss on Wednesday but there was no going back on the turkey. It had to be cooked or risk it going to waste.
With this in mind, one would think that I would throw it in the oven and cook it. No big fuss, just bake the turkey, right? No. I decided I had enough sadness, I wanted to throw a dinner party. I had my husband invite a group of geographical bachelors (husbands living away from their families due to work). Dinner was at 6:00 p.m.
Nothing cures a broken heart like food. Good home cooked food. So, with no idea what I was doing I managed to cook the best turkey my husband ever ate (secret is cooking it breast down). Unfortunately, I burned the rolls, overcooked the stuffing and had to throw away the green beans. Are you seeing now why I invited the geographical bachelors?
So while the dinner didn't come out according to plan, somewhere in the middle I stopped crying and started laughing. I was able to move past the pain and into acceptance.