Friday, March 15, 2013

Resuming Breastfeeding

After being on the diet for three days, I was asked if I was worried that Patrick wouldn’t breastfeed after being on the bottle for over a week? What?? That happens?? I guess having breastfed successfully with my first son for ten months, I assumed this one would be the same. But, this experience was nothing like my first baby and I began to panic.

I immediately went to my baby, who was sleeping at the time, and woke him to breastfeed. Yes, it was too early, but in my mind, I had to know! I mean, if this wasn’t going to work, why the heck was I going to go through this Elecare diet if Patrick refused my breast? Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

Just like a champ, Patrick breastfed like he had never stopped. I think part of the reason was that he had made it to the eight-week mark before having a bottle introduced full-time. Whew, that is a relief. But then I looked down and my breasts looked pretty pathetic. How was I going to get my milk supply back?

I started pumping, but this isn’t exactly easy with a two-year-old that wants to know why Mommy can’t play. Things weren’t improving. I upped my water consumption, but still no improvement. A quick internet search later and I found that I needed to have baby feed constantly. Well, it was the weekend so I left all duties to Jason while Patrick and I hung out in bed all day.  It took about five days but everything returned to normal and we were breastfeeding full-time!

With this concern out of the way, what impact would the diet have on me?