Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inspired by Second Chances

It isn’t everyday you read about a homeless man who uses his 15 minutes of fame to drastically change his life. He had been hanging out on a street corner with a unique sign that offered to demonstrate his “god-given gift of voice.” You see this guy and he looks rough and out comes the most amazing voice. I was shocked and moved to tears. What moves me more than his voice or his story is his humbleness. He is so gracious for the opportunity to tell his story and maybe have the chance to get off the streets. He made some mistakes and lost his way with drugs and alcohol. He found his way back by the grace of God.
The fact that he has been sober for two years AND living on the streets says something beyond words. Many use substances to escape from reality, I imagine there is nothing more real than what he lives every day. I wish I could shake his hand and give him the biggest hug.
I believe if you make mistakes but really learn from them, you always are given a second chance. It may not happen in the time you think it should or in the form you expected, but it will arrive. I pray that Ted Williams enjoys his new life and uses it to inspire others.
The YouTube user who originally posted the video made the following statement: “Well everyone, you can give yourselves and Ted a high-five. He’s being given offers hand-over-fist over the air. He’ll be set for life. My request to all: Whenever you run across a story such as this, don’t assume it’ll take a life of its own, on its own. It won’t. It can’t. There are too many other stories that drown out the one before it. You need to spend time to get that story and its word out to many. If you care, you’ll do it. Keep the faith, pay forward and always lend a hand; even if you’re the one who needs it. God bless Mr. Williams. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him for some time to come.”
What a beautiful story!