Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inspired to Take it Slower

The other day I was driving to an appointment. While I was on my way, I began to notice some people walking down the road. There was a mother and her small child, an older man and his crippled wife and a young lady obviously in a hurry. The mother was walking very slowly to help her little one take steps and move forward. The older man had his arm around the older woman and was helping her walk along. The young lady had a soda in her hand and was power walking past the others.
It struck me that I was seeing the various stages of life. As a young woman, I had only myself to worry about. I typically walked very fast and kept a tight schedule. When my baby came along, I had to take things slower and help my little one learn the ropes. I hope when I am older, my husband is there to hold my hand and help me walk along.
Taking it slower requires one to lose their own agenda and focus on someone else. This is difficult for anyone as we are born the center of our own universe. I saw a lot of love exchanged between those who were taking it slow to ensure the other did not lose their step along the way.
So while my life does not clip along at the pace it once did, there is more love in my life than ever before. I enjoy serving my family and doing things for them, even if I am tired. The love I feel in return more than makes up for it.