Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pray for Gabrielle Giffords

Today I am not inspired but I am praying. Sometimes there are no apparent reasons for why violence happens. One must believe that God can bring the good out of every bad situation.
For those unfamiliar, today Giffords and others near her were shot. She and her team were greeting the customers of Safeway this morning when a young man fired many shots at her and those near her. She is in surgery.
One can only speculate the reasons this man had for taking a gun and forever changing the lives of everyone involved. Violence is never the answer. I pray today for everyone who was injured, their family and friends, those who witnessed the shooting, and the shooter and his family. Sadly, it is the family who will likely pay the most for his crime.
Many were angry over her stance on many recent controversial issues. I do hope Republicans and Democrats can stand together and denounce the wrong that was done today. Nobody deserves to be harmed.  
My family recently became personally familiar with her work ethic and compassion for the Veterans. My father has been fighting for full disability and her office called regularly to update my Mom on the status. Until Giffords got involved, our family was struggling with the run around.
Gabrielle Giffords is an amazing woman with much energy and charisma. I hope she wins this fight for her life.