Monday, December 20, 2010

Inspired by Flight Delays

So today was one of those days when I woke up on the bad side of the attitude bed. I am fighting a cold along with my teething nine-month-old son. The ominous black cloud began to form over my head and by 7:55 AM it was pouring down on me. That was the exact moment when I remembered my son’s 8:00 AM doctor’s appointment. The next 10 minutes was spent running around the house trying to get me and my son dressed. In record time I was driving away and smiling that we might not be that late. Then the rain began to pour even harder when I remembered the doctor’s office just moved and I had no idea where the new office was. Of course they had a recording that only restarted if you pushed the zero key. Nice. I finally make contact with the front desk and attempted to take directions from a receptionist that didn’t know her right from her left or North, South, East or West coordinates. I managed to make it and was assured I would still have an appointment. The rain lets up.
The day only progressed to worsen as the doorbell rings when I am in the shower,  the cat cries at the door (still doesn’t know how to use the cat door), the phone rings and my son screams awake from his nap and then spends the next hour inconsolable crying. To top it all off I have a migraine. My frustration is at its peak. Then I read about those who are stuck in an airport trying to make it home for the holidays and the snow is making it impossible. I guess snow is worse than rain.
When the world seems to be raining down on me I like to think about “what could make my situation worse?” That usually brightens my mood and I thank God I don’t have those problems. So, I could be stranded in an airport with a cold and a nine-month-old teething son who is crying inconsolably. Yes, I have no problems!