Monday, December 6, 2010

Inspired to Clean Out the Garage

I was at a party a few years back in this home located in a very affluent neighborhood. The owners had booked a live band, served expensive hors d’oeuvres and had the entire home beautifully decorated. I was looking for the bathroom when I happened to open the door to the garage. In front of me was a sight I will never forget. It was either a three or four car garage and it was filled about chest high with stuff. There were boxes, lamps, furniture, clothes and who knows what else. I couldn’t believe the amount of junk piled in one location. I quickly shut the door and decided to stop looking for the bathroom.
I never fully understood how someone could allow that to happen. Then I got married and my junk mixed with my husband’s junk and it was very surprising how fast we filled extra storage space. We donated quite a bit of stuff but our garage continued to accumulate stuff. Recently we purchased a freezer. I was thinking it would be no big deal since we had plenty of room in the garage.
The night before it was to be delivered we decided to make a path for the freezer to come through. After moving boxes and junk to one side, I realized how much we had. I began to feel exhausted just looking at the mess. We decided to get rid of stuff. Most of the things we have are not worthless; they just aren’t being used anymore. I took pictures of what I wanted to get rid of and posted it on Craigslist (love this site).
Today I sold one of the boxes cluttering up the garage. As I watched the stranger carry it to their car, I smiled. I may never have the most clutter-free garage, but I know I won’t be concerned about anyone accidentally looking in.