Saturday, December 18, 2010

Inspired By Those Who Sacrifice Their Dreams
Most people these days are more concerned with achieving their dreams than worrying about who it hurts in the process. Open the newspaper and mostly what you read are stories of people who have nothing to talk about but themselves; what they want, what they need, what they feel…. I think this is why the stories of sacrifice and selflessness stand out to me. Just such is the case when I read about Keith Fitzhugh who said thanks but no thanks to the New York Jets. He has a job, a good job and it supports his parents. They have hid hard times since his father, Keith Sr., became disabled and unable to work.
It shocked the entire sports community. It made 3rd page news in the sports section. Fitzhugh could care less about the spotlight; his main concern is that steady paycheck. He is looking to ensure his parents enjoy the final years of their lives by supporting them financially. One might think that professional sports could make that happen, but it’s a gamble. When the stakes are too high you don’t make that gamble. Way to go Keith Jr.! A true man in my book.
One thing I have found, destiny will find a way. Walking away from an opportunity for the right reasons indicates an even bigger reward down the line. Maybe not monitary but a grand reward just the same.