Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inspired by Kidney Donation

It was December 23, 1954 and Ronald Herrick was preparing to give the best Christmas gift to his brother Richard Herrick; the gift of life. Richard was Ronald’s twin brother and his kidneys had stopped working. Richard was dying. Ronald did it even though he knew he could die too. Organ donation had never been attempted before and nobody, not even the doctors, were sure it would work. Ronald was prepared to take that risk so his brother may life. He did and Richard lived another 8 years. Ronald and Richard made history that day. Thanks to them and those pioneering doctors, today we know have the opportunity to live longer and happier lives thanks to the advances in organ transplantation. Ronald died December 27, 2010.
Every year we are bombarded to buy, buy and buy even more. It is so refreshing to hear about those gifts that keep on giving. Recently my husband and I filled out our living wills and formally documented our desire to donate our organs once we have passed. I encourage everyone to consider giving the gift of life. For more information contact: