Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 31 - Day of Fasting

The day has finally arrived for me to prepare for the colonoscopy tomorrow. Yes, I know you are excited as I am! Actually, life was pretty great this morning. I didn't push as hard during the cardio and was able to finish strong. I am trying to find that fine line between pushing too hard and not hard enough.

This morning I ate like it was a cheat day. I had four cups of coffee..with cream! I ate two breakfast burritos and two helpings of leftover french toast casserole. I probably could have eaten more but I figured it was best to stop while I was ahead. I felt great all day and enjoyed a delicious cup of chicken stock for lunch and some jello in the afternoon. I didn't miss eating until I was fixing my son's dinner and then I wanted to eat. It smelled really good too! Luckily Jason arrived home shortly thereafter and took over that duty for me.

Tomorrow is no workout as I think I should give my body a day of rest.