Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 43 - Put Down the Life Cereal

Today we started to try to potty train my son and it was not going well for me. I think my son was enjoying himself but I was not. Later that morning I had a moment of uncontrolled eating and it took me by surprise. I looked down at my son's bowl of cereal and realized I had eaten a majority of it. I am an emotional eater. Pretty shocking to me as I never considered myself an emotional eater. I would have binges in my 20's but that was celebration for the weekend. Looking back, it was my way of bringing comfort to myself as I struggled with my stressful job and college. I guess I needed some comfort.

As I deal with my emotions as a parent, I suppress everything outwardly but inside I am feeling every ounce of it. Funny as I believe I have pinpointed my problem of why I was never able to lose that 20 pounds. I was always stressed and every couple of days I would eat to make myself feel better without realizing. Due to the fact I ate really well most of the time, I don't think it registered in my brain what I was doing. Jason attributes it to my cheating last week and reiterated his stance "it is a slippery slope." Maybe so, but I think pushing past this is taking some effort.

I got my workout in on time but was interrupted by my son about 5 minutes in. I came back and started again but my momentum wasn't the same. I finished my exertion level 10 and was happy the workout was over.