Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 35 - Halfway Point

Today marks the beginning of week six. There was no post yesterday as my son got really sick. I had to take him to the hospital but he is doing really well now. Yesterday was the best cheat day ever. We grazed the entire day. It started out with Oreos after my Upper Body workout. We enjoyed a huge pot of coffee (mine with lovely cream). I made Cheddarwurst sausages mixed with egg and rolled up in a tortilla. Oh, that was good. We then ate some chips, had the yummies from the pampered chef party, and some nuts and chocolate covered fruit. We weren't really that hungry for lunch and nibbled through until dinner. We had really good pizza for dinner. I made pizza with our normal bell pepper, onion, pepperoni but this time I added ½ cup of cooked italian sausage and covered it all with a pound of cheese. We could only eat two pieces but we washed it down with a couple of beers. It was good. Unfortunately that was the end of my fun as Ian got sick. It was a bummer realizing that it was 3am and my cheat day was over. I always feel I could have ate so much more!

Today was break from exercising but back to the eating regimen. We had our one cup black coffee and oatmeal with chocolate protein powder - that tasted way better than the vanilla. For our mid morning snack I had half a protein bar. Today Jason made lunch and oh man, it was good! He grilled some chicken with the Chicago seasoning on it and put it in a sandwich . I had one piece of bread, cut in half with mustard and some grilled peppers and onions. Wow, it was really good. He is an amazing chef! I missed my afternoon snack and for dinner Jason made us chicken salads. He chopped up some red and green bell peppers, radishes, green onions and mixed it with chopped leftover chicken from lunch over greens. I covered mine with balsamic vinegar and we enjoyed a lovely glass of wine. Oh, this is the life.

I really wanted more of my dark chocolate covered fruits but Jason (evil one) said no. He is such a rule stickler! Ha ha. He is keeping me on the straight and narrow. I am feeling stronger and looking forward to a good workout tomorrow. See you then!