Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 50 - Slow but Steady

The big FIVE O. I think this a huge achievement for me, I don't remember ever consciously sticking to an exercise program for 50 days. Crazy. I have noticed a lot of changes, both physically and mentally over the past 7 weeks. The end of this week marks the beginning of the last four weeks. I decided we needed to kick it up a notch then but for now, I am enjoying the pace we are going.
This morning I got a late start because my son woke up. For some reason I was in a seriously grumpy mood today. I was not feeling my workout and had to start chanting at minute three. That is usually not a good sign. I went ahead and continued on but by the time I got to my last set, I was close to done. Stick a fork in me done. I didn't hit my seven, eight or nine as hard as I wanted. I was saving everything I had for the ten. I peddled my little heart out and finished strong. I still felt a bit defeated because I wanted to do more, but I gave it what I had. Jason laughed, I get a little vocal when the workout gets hard, he is worried we are going to have to cops called on us someday. "Come on! You can do it! Almost done, give it everything you have!" Well, it makes the time go by faster for me and I could care less what the neighbors think! Ha ha.

Today my eating was good except I had this craving for olives. Yumm. I ate the entire jar. Okay, four olives were 25 calories and I thought about it afterwards, I think they are a nut. Forbidden fruit. Oh well, so there, I cheated. It tasted great! Ha ha. I also ate a graham cracker, it was also good. Slippery slope, yes I know.