Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 40 - Back on Track

The big 4 0. Hmmm. I really made it this far? This is definitely a first. I have never put forth such an effort before. I am in the store and looking at size 2's. I can't believe it. I could have had this body years ago but I didn't want to suffer long enough to get it. That is what it is you know, suffrage. Doing without today for future benefits. What are you willing to do without?

I was reading this blog about this girl who has been suffering with plateaus. Honestly, I haven't had that problem on this diet. Jason did and we adjusted his intake and he started losing again. We exercise hard, eat frequent small meals and enjoy one day off a week. It is heaven if you ask me. Tomorrow I am attempting to make some deep fried candy bars and ice cream treats. Yum.

This morning I hit my cardio and I am all ready for my lower body workout tomorrow. Jason wants everyone to know that I cheated a little bit today. I did go for that second glass of wine this evening. I felt I deserved it and I stand by my decision. No regrets. I think I am entitled to an extra glass every once in a while.