Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 32 - And the Diagnosis is….

Ulcerative Colitis. Doctor says it is a mild to moderate case and some medication should bring it under control. The entire process leading up to that point, was the worst! Good thing was that I lost two pounds in the process but I would have rather not. Oh well, it’s over now and I am moving on!
So today I took a day off from my workouts and ate kind of bad. This morning it was no water, no food…NOTHING! That was the worst. I thought to take my mind off things and chew some gum. A rare occurrence for me, but just so you know that is also not allowed. Course I didn’t find this out until I was smacking my gum in the waiting room. I got the reprimand from the receptionist….NO GUM! I think she enjoyed taking it away from me, she was evil! ha ha. Nice, super sweet but evil just the same.
Afterwards we went out to eat at La Salsa. Another devil nurse told me my choice of fajitas afterwards was not permitted and to stick to something less harsh on my insides. Whatever. Don’t they know what I have gone through! So, I ate a fish taco that came with this heavenly cream sauce (not allowed on the darn diet), covered in cheese (again, not allowed) and absolutely delicious. I followed that down with a nice Pacifico beer.
Later I grabbed some water for the ride home and saw these delicious little chocolate delights by the counter. So, since I had already cheated, what is the harm in grabbing two? One was made by Cold Stone Creamery (oh my it was good) and the other was an Andes Mint. They were both good but Jason gave me the look and I ignored him. We got home and Ian was eating some Life cereal as a snack. Yum, I should eat some with him. So after two handfuls Jason got up and said “You have lost your cheat day on Saturday!” He is evil too. I whined a bit and protested but he wasn’t budging. Oh well. For better or worse right?? This must be the worst! ha ha. I went ahead and made some healthy dinner - steamed fish, green beans and whole wheat couscous. The couscous was instant and it had a nice nutty flavor. We had ½ cup of that. The fish I put on a piece of tin foil, covered it with ½ tsp oil and then shook the Cajun seasoning all over it. I threw in the frozen green beans and rolled up the sides and down the top of the tin foil into an envelope type thing to allow the steam to cook the dish. I put it in a 450 degree oven for 15 minutes. Wah lah, the couscous and dinner was finished at the same time. Lovely.
While we were out, I happened to see a spinning class on the television. I am nowhere near that level and told Jason I need to step it up a notch when I feel better.