Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 38 - Seeing a Butt Muscle

I did! I was walking to the bathroom and passed the mirror and caught the reflection of myself mid-stride. It was breathtaking. I had lost a bit of jiggle in my rear and out pops a muscle. It makes all this work worth something now. It seems lately more previously unknown muscles have begun to surface. Later today Jason and I remarked on how my triceps are really becoming defined. I didn't even want that saltine cracker my son was eating after that! I love these little signs of improvements, they are so encouraging.

Today I took even longer getting out of bed...ugg. I got into the garage at 10 after 5. I finished 45 seconds of my level 10 and I was whipped out. I am sad I didn't go the entire minute, but 45 seconds is better than 15. I see it as improvement.
Breakfast was ¾ scoop chocolate protein powder and 1/3 cup oatmeal into 1 cup boiling water. It wasn't that bad. It has a bid of an after taste, but after you gulp down some coffee it disappears. Speaking of coffee, I have decided to have a cup of decaf in the evening. I am bummed I can't have my creamer but I think I can manage for six more weeks. Jason thinks he won't see all the results he is hoping for at 12 weeks and may have to do the program again. That is fine but I am not. I want to keep the portion sizes and such but I need my creamer and my cheese!

For my snack I had ½ protein bar, lunch was salmon, couscous and a salad. My afternoon snack was the other ½ of the protein bar and dinner was the same minus the salad. I wasn't about being original today.