Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 52 - Just Keep Moving, Just Keep Moving...

This morning I was tired as usual but happy it was a cardio day. I just wanted to sleep! This was by far the best cardio day since I have started. I was practically screaming during Level 10. "Come on Carey, Almost There! Keep peddling, keep going, 15 more seconds, COME ON!" Seriously, I wonder what the neighbors think. I got off the bike and felt awesome going to the shower. First time in a long time that I felt I had met the challenge. A really good feeling.
Today, I wanted to eat. Every time I gave Ian a graham cracker, I wanted so bad to have some. I felt like some dog watching every bite he took, all the while licking my chops and waiting for him to give me some! Not that bad, but close. I resisted the temptation by moving. I found that when I have a craving, if I just start doing stuff (i.e. cleaning, folding laundry...) I stop thinking about that craving. Now, if I am actually hungry, that will continue to eat at my brain until I put stuff in my stomach. Since I could be easily distracted, I knew it wasn't hunger. It was annoying just the same.

So Jason was giving me a hard time about having that graham cracker the other day. I find it fitting that he succumbed to temptation today - pizza. Yep, he had a slice of Pizza Hut Pizza. I wonder how strong I would be if faced with piping hot pizza sitting in front of me? Hmmm. Probably not so strong! Ha. I am proud of him for stopping at one. We all falter, but it is the strong that pick themselves up and continue on their way.