Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 45 - So This is What an Energy High Feels Like

This morning I wasn't quite as tired as I have been. Yesterday I realized I haven't been taking my daily multi-vitamin. I took it late in the afternoon and by 6:00 p.m. I actually still had energy. I stayed up until 10:30 working on my book summary. When the alarm went off this morning at 4:30, I was able to get up without too much effort.

My workout this morning was cardio. My son woke up right as I hit 10 minutes and I lost another 10 minutes getting him back to sleep. It was so hard returning to my workout. My brain kept saying "oh, we should just stop now, there is no way that extra 10 minutes is going to do us any good." Reluctantly I made myself get back on the bike and peddle. I started out with exertion level 5 and by level 7 my brain was really complaining. "Why are we doing this? Let's just stop and go take a shower." I closed my eyes and chanted 7...7....7.... I found that I am not able to form negative messages in my brain if I am speaking positive messages out my mouth.
This morning I feel amazing and I think that extra 10 minutes had everything to do with it. I think the more our mind complains, the more we should resist it. It is possible we are approaching a breakthrough and if we stop now we won't reap the benefits. I think I do that to myself a lot. I get really close to a major change and my mind starts to convince myself that I have worked so hard, I should take a break. No wonder I have fallen short time and time again. That stops now.

I ate really well today with the exception of ½ of a saltine cracker, I popped it in my mouth before I could stop myself. Oh well, at least I stopped there!
Breakfast was eggs and roti bread.

Mid-morning snack was beans and rice.
Lunch was left over Greek chicken stuff in the freezer. I made it before the diet started but it was mostly healthy. I forgot it had feta cheese until after I ate it. Oops.

Missed afternoon snack
Dinner was Funky Dunky Fish again from day 42 and roti bread

Evening snack was beans and roti.
Okay, so can you tell I made five pounds of beans this past weekend?? Ha ha. I love beans. Thankfully so does Jason.