Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 53 – When a Partner Cheats

Up until now we have both nibbled a bit and partaken forbidden fruit. It hasn’t been anything too outrageous. I battle my desire to snack on graham crackers, saltines and life cereal.  Jason battles a desire to want to eat lots of everything. The key word is lots. He and I share a healthy appetite of healthy proportions. Probably most of the reason why we were in the shape we were. We never ate bad, per se, we just ate a lot of what we did eat – healthy or not. Getting used to the new portion sizes took work and was a constant exercise in restraint. Jason exceeded expectations. He and I kept each other honest and the physical changes we have experienced reflect our commitment to the cause. Until today.
So there was a BBQ at Jason’s work today. His intent was to have one bratwurst. He went on an empty stomach. People around him were eating, laughing and having a great time. He had one. Then he went back for 4 more brats and 3 more hot dogs. In his defense they were sans the bread and condiments, but SEVEN!!!! REALLY!!!! He was not very happy with my reaction and thought I would be more understanding. I told him next time, eat first or just get one and leave the area. You can’t remain near temptation and expect to remain strong. The lesson to take away here is to monitor your surroundings. If you are trying to stay away from sugar, don’t go into the candy store.  At the very least, take what you need and leave.