Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 29 - Pushing Past Defeat

Did it again. Today I was 30 seconds to go on level 10 and I stopped. No energy left. I was disappointed as I thought the last time it happened it was just a fluke. I know now it is a wall. Maybe not a tall wall, but a wall just the same. While I would like to think that I could just will my way through it, I believe my body is just responding to a medical issue I have been dealing with. I don’t like to talk about it so I haven’t mentioned it, but it does impact my daily life. I have a colonoscopy scheduled on Thursday to determine why I am bleeding. It started the first week of this program. I have always suffered with some form of irritable bowel issue since I was in my early 20’s. It was debilitating at times, but I was managing okay with salads, fiber supplements and exercise. Then I got pregnant. It turned my entire life upside down and things in that department never worked the same. I have been bleeding off and on for nearly two years but it was never this serious or constant. It was always just occasional and then I would be fine for a few weeks. I hesitated to talk about it before because I didn’t want anyone to think that it was attributed to this new program. I think it may have irritated an already existing problem, but Jason has not been experiencing any of my problems.
Why do I feel so vulnerable right now…Say something! Ha ha. I just imagine if we were having this conversation in person you might be at a loss for words. On that note…today I ate great. It is so hard to not eat just one saltine cracker. My son eats the best stuff and I want so bad to put just one little piece in my mouth. I tell myself no as I am aware each time I cheat, it gets easier to cheat more next time. It does make me feel better to share that temptation!
This morning we ate protein oatmeal with cinnamon again and joined it with a hot cup of black coffee. Yum. At 9:30 I had ¼ cup black beans and a couple spoonfuls of salsa. I ate that with leftover pita bread. For lunch I ate ¼ cup leftover meatballs and marinara sauce with another pita bread. For my afternoon snack I had the last of the meatballs and a wasa cracker. I have been doing really well with my water. If I forget, I wake up in the middle of the night so thirsty. That really sucks as I love my sleep. I did a lot better with my water consumption today.
For dinner we ate another Carey Concoction: Pork Stir Fry
2 pieces of pork loin chops about ½ inch thick and sliced into bite size pieces
sprinkle with salt and pepper
Heat skillet and add 2 tsp peanut oil when fairly hot
Add pork loin and cook until done - remove from pan
Add ½ bell pepper
2 roasted chili peppers
Cook for a short period of time (about 3 - 4 minutes)
½ scallion diced
Stir and cook for 2 minutes then add
3 cloves garlic
and 2 green onions, chopped
Add sauce - 1 tsp sesame oil, 2 tsp rice vinegar and 2 TBLS soy sauce
Add in
1 large head of broccoli chopped (for this, I boiled some water and cooked the broccoli for 2 minutes then removed from water and ran cold water over it. This help retains the nice green color. When I got to this point I just added it to the mixture)
2 cups rice
1 small package sugar snap peas
Cook until peas and rice are warm. Enjoy. With all the vegetables, we determined 1 cup was an appropriate serving size.
The three things I did well today:
1.      I did not cheat, not even an ity, bity piece of saltine cracker.
2.      I drank my 10 glasses of water
3.      I finished my workout.
The one thing I am doing better tomorrow:
1.      Getting up! Jason and I were lazy bones this morning and ran 15 minutes late.