Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 37 - Picking Up Steam

Yesterday I fell asleep at 7:30 p.m. and did not have a chance to write my blog. I guess I am still catching up on sleep I missed this weekend. You would think with all that extra sleep I would be able to get up easier at 4:30 this morning. You are wrong. I found it to be the most difficult morning yet to get out of bed. It was 5:00 a.m. before I made it into the garage - 15 minutes later than usual. Normally I pull this on days I have cardio, today was lifting. Ugh. I knew I had to kick it into gear to keep my day on time.

I didn't rest at all between my sets and managed to finish strong in about 30 minutes. Jason has started to incorporate an ab routine every day. I thought about mixing up my routine to hit my problem areas. I am torn as I want to see if the diet will prove what it promises. I have hit the halfway week and there are six more weeks to go. I have to fight that desire to have results RIGHT NOW! Good things take time and I know my problem areas are not going to go away overnight. I need to focus on the positive results and trust the problem areas will eventually diminish but it will take time.

I didn't eat that great today as I forgot lunch. This morning was eggs, onions and bell peppers with a piece of toasted bread and black coffee. We were short on egg beaters today so I added one whole egg to the mix to make it ¾ cup. I make our eggs together now and I just give him two helpings to my one. I had my snack late of black beans with salsa and a wasa cracker. Then I left for the store and never ate lunch. This late afternoon I had ½ protein bar. For dinner I had leftover marsala pork. This evening I am eating the rest of my protein bar.

Today was a stressful day as my son was more whiny than usual. As a result I needed a glass of wine this evening. All is well now.