Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 51 - Finding Alternatives to Avoid Missing a Workout

My son is cutting teeth and he hasn't been sleeping well. That means I haven't been sleeping well either! He has continued to wake up at 11:30pm and at 4:15am. This really sucks for me as I wake up feeling worse than when I went to bed! This morning was the worst. I told Jason I couldn't do it and for him to exercise without me. I am not sure if that extra hour did me any good, but it was a relief not to get up and exercise. As I was eating breakfast I knew I needed to make time to exercise. Before I had just allowed that day to be missed and I would make up for it later on. But this was becoming a habit!

I decided I would exercise differently today. So off with the stroller we went and down to the park. Ian had a great time watching Mommy do squats combined with a sidekick and front kick, lunges with a back kick, and calf raises. I did everything but my ab routine. Ian had fun playing and I got my workout in. That was nice. In addition to my workout, I logged about a mile or so pushing the stroller. Even better.
I got back home and I felt totally refreshed. Before I had been feeling down for missing my workout. Taking the time to think differently brought around a new frame of mind.  Course, this time is usually when I get housework done so that didn't happen today...we have to pick our battles and today the house lost. Oh well.