Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 28 - Progress Photos and Weight Loss Stats

So yesterday was such a wonderful day. We adjusted our cheat day to accommodate our trip to Tucson. We started the day with our normal exercise program. Jason thought it would be easier for us if we exercised on our cheat day morning. That way our metabolism was up and burning most of what we ate that day. Not sure if it worked, but I didn't feel crappy until the very last meal. (We ate WAY too much!)

My exercise routine was Lower Body. I haven't changed my routine lately so I am not going to my exercises. If you have questions just comment and I will respond.
I felt really strong finishing the routine. I felt I pushed myself without compromising my form. We went and purchased a few things for our workout. I had wanted to wait until I knew we were committed to the program before going out and buying anything. If we can't find motivation with the stuff we have, how do I expect buying something to get me to exercise? You can't buy inner drive. That is something you are responsible for, nobody else.

Funny, before I always lacked consistency in my inner drive. I would go the gym for two days then not go back for three weeks. Doing these exercises everyday really makes the difference.
We took some photos to update our progress. Not to self, do not take photos in the morning. We didn't have as much fun taking photos as we did last time.

We enjoyed a full pot of coffee (with cream), green chili chorizo and egg covered in cheese and wrapped in a lovely tortilla (most likely made with lard..yum). This was amazing. I only ate one. Jason ate two and felt really rough later. We also had a large glass of orange juice.
Later that morning I ate some of my cherry, chili and dark chocolate bar. I found it two weeks ago at the co-op. It was delicious. I also enjoyed a few glasses of wine. Oh, I love cheat days. For lunch, not wanting to waste the large amount of chorizo and egg left over, we ended up having another burrito for lunch. This time Jason only had one. That was it for the eating as we had to leave for Tucson.

For dinner we ate at Cafe Poca Cosa. This place is amazing! They change the menu twice a day and everything is written on chalkboards in Spanish. The wait staff is awesome as they decipher the menu for you and add their own opinion on the flavors found in each dish. We also enjoyed a couple of margaritas. We had chips and salsa, corn tortillas, rice and beans in addition to our huge plate of food. I had chef's choice as I can never make a decision. For chef's choice, you get three different entrees but you don't get to pick which three, the chef does. It is a surprise but I have never been disappointed. I ate the last bite and my stomach said, okay I am full now. But did I listen????  NOOOO! I said, I think I can enjoy some dessert too! I ate about three to four spoonfuls of flourless cake topped with berries, some chocolate mousse stuff and a cup of coffee. It was outstanding, but I didn't feel so good. Remember next time, know when to say when! Ha
After the show my stomach felt it had more room so I quickly stuffed it full of a churro and vanilla ice cream. I only had one and a few bites of ice cream and I was completely satisfied. The key is eating only what your stomach can handle and not more.

Yesterday I was disappointed with my progress. I had thought I would have seen a more significant change. Losing what I have is great, but we need to make a few changes. Jason googled what a portion size was for pasta and it is only ½ cup. Oops. I think I need to use a measuring cup.
What a wakeup call that has been! Not so much for breakfast as I had already been using the measuring cup, but for lunch and dinner, it has been a shock. This morning we had our one cup of black coffee,  and a 1/3 cup oatmeal with cinnamon and ½ scoop of protein powder. For lunch we had ½ cup leftover meatballs, sauce and one bread that I made on Friday. I ate it and felt full but realized we had been eating more than that before. What a bummer!

For dinner we ate frozen tilapia fish. I put it in some tin foil, sprayed it with oil, topped it with a light sprinkling of parsley, rosemary (didn't like that spice..too strong for the fish) and paprika and added some lemon juice. I rolled the tin foil closed and popped it in the 450 oven for 15 minutes. It was delicious. We had one bread from Friday and some frozen corn and green beans. Not bad for a quick dinner.
Our snack this evening was one wasa cracker and ¼ cup black beans and some salsa. Yummy.

Total Pounds Lost: 5

Upper legs: Lost 1 inch

Abdomen: Lost 2 inches

Breasts: Lost 1 ½ inches

Upper Arms: Lost ½ inch

The three things I did well today:

1.      Measured our portion sizes

2.      Didn't cheat even though church had a fellowship gathering today!

3.      Preplanned weekly meals

The one thing I am doing better tomorrow:

1.      Drinking my 10 glasses! Fell behind today...