Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 26 - Falling Short

Today I felt like my car ran out of gas 15 feet from the finish line. It was the worst feeling in the world. I was completing my cardio workout and was on level 10 with 30 seconds to go. I looked at the clock and said "almost there Carey, you can do it, give it your 10" and at that moment my legs stopped moving. I was in disbelief as I tried with all my might to get them going again. By the time I had a somewhat decent rhythm going, time was up. I felt so disappointed. Jason said I gave it my all and I should feel good about that. I am not sure what to think but I suspect I gave up not gave out.
I managed to keep to our eating regime but the snacks were much closer together today as I was super hungry!

Breakfast - protein cinnamon oatmeal

Mid-morning snack - small portion of dinner last night with 7 chips

Lunch - portion of dinner last night with 1 wasa cracker

Mid- afternoon snack - final portion of dinner last night and 1 wasa cracker.
Seeing a trend? I felt too hungry for protein shakes to satisfy. I needed meat! I did a really good job of not cheating today and kindly turning down the opportunity. I went to visit a friend today. When I visit she is such the gracious host and we enjoy lattes and a yummy pastry. I caught her before she had popped the yummy cookie/scone looking thing in the oven. She smiled and said she understood as we both are trying to lose weight. For my coffee I had plain espresso. It was a nice small shot and I loved the way it tasted. Very strong and robust. While I enjoy the steamed milk, having it hot in a shot was a nice jolt to my normal routine.

For dinner I made meatballs (leftovers) and some marinara sauce and attempted to make pita bread. I love garlic bread with Italian food so I looked on the Internet for some oil and sugar free bread. I came upon this pita recipe.

Again, I didn't exactly do as well as I had hoped. You are to take it out at 5 minutes. Well, it didn't look done so I left it in there until it was nice and brown. What did I make? A large cracker! Ha ha. It was very hard and a bit chewy but it was good. I intend to try it again but not a while since I have plenty of leftovers! Ha ha.
I think we ate too much today though. I got to thinking I need to start measuring our portion sizes to make sure we aren't overeating. If we are going to chisel this hard earned fat off our body, I have a feeling it isn't going without a fight. Tomorrow is our cheat day as we are going to see a musical to celebrate our anniversary. It should be fun. But, we aren't getting back until really late, so no post tomorrow.