Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 4 - Getting Into a Groove

Last night after posting my progress, I set out to complete what I promised myself I would do: prepare today for breakfast tomorrow. Yes, I was tired, but I knew it needed to be done. It was just before 9 and I started planning my workout, preparing the gym, completing my preplanning report and chopping up breakfast for tomorrow. It only took me about 10 minutes to complete everything, but it saved me about 20 minutes this morning.
Ian woke up again this morning around 3:40, but this time he wasn't quieting down. I got up and changed his diaper and gave him some milk. He went back down but I wasn't able to get back to sleep. I thought about getting up and doing some writing, but decided to enjoy resting in bed since I can't do it anymore. The alarm went off and I got up, turned on the light and started to get dressed. My poor husband, still feeling the pain from previous workouts, was having a difficult time getting motivated. This is an example of what going for the gold during the first month can do to you. If you haven't consistently been working out, it is best to take things slow. I think the problem is that people have a preconceived notion of what weight their body should be lifting and stick to it. Well, that may have been the case years ago when you were a workout buff, now you are a wimp, accept it and work past that. Nothing worth having is built in a short period of time. Quality takes time! Listen to your body and only lift what you sincerely can lift, nothing more. Right now the goal is to get into a routine, consistently work out and build strength through proper technique. The time to push yourself is later, after the foundation is set. Imagine trying to build a house on wet cement! It likely wouldn't be working out too well.
Pain is the best de-motivator out there. My favorite quote is "when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, it is then that you will change." The key is to make working out less about pain and more about improvement. It is all about changing your mindset, but if you are in physical pain because you hurt yourself, you won't be excited about doing it again anytime soon! Yes, you will have some pain, but it is a good pain. Pain that is relieved by stretching is my definition of good pain. Pain that requires pain medication is what I would say is bad pain. It takes 48 hours for muscle pain to peak before it will start to subside. Okay, so it takes two days for it to stop hurting worse, and another two days to start feeling better. That is almost the entire first week! You have just spent the entire week in complete and utter misery. Not very motivating.
Seeing this, I have purposely kept my workouts to no more than 10 pounds, unless 10 pounds is super easy, then I do step it up. It is day four and I am feeling GREAT! Yes, I do have some soreness, but nothing I can't handle. I mean I have to take care of a 25 pound baby, I can't afford to hurt. My husband can't even pick up the phone right now his triceps hurt so bad!
So, how do you know what good form is? It is very important to only use the muscles you want to build in the exercise. Often times if the weight is too heavy, people will 'throw' their back into it, well that's why you 'throw' your back out! If the exercise is meant to be working your chest muscles, don't use your abs to complete the set. Reduce your weight and then finish the set.
Back to this morning. Since I had already set up my weights and prepared my workout, I was done with four minutes to spare. I am really bad about waiting the entire minute in between sets. Jason got started a little later and finished about 10 minutes before I did. Not a big deal, but he was still in the shower when I was done. This meant he didn't have time to iron his shirt so I took on that task. After I took my shower and got ready, it was just after 6:00. Normally, I would be behind, but since I had already chopped everything it was no problem. I just heated up the pan and threw in the cup of potatoes, onions and bell peppers in the pan. My loving husband made coffee for me and taking care of Ian (who woke up at 6 too). All these stressors could have ruined my morning, but because I took that extra 10 minutes the night before, I was ready to handle any curve ball.
Lower Body Workout
QUADS: Squat for my first five exercises, then Front Squat for my last exercise.
HAMSTRINGS: Leg Curls first five, Deadlift last one.
CALVES: Seated Barbell Calf Raises first five, Standing Calf Raises last one.
ABS: High Pulley Crunch first five, Leg Lifts last one
Breakfast consisted of western omelet and coffee and the morning snack happened at 9:15 (protein shake).
I think by now we are all aware of my five things to do today. I am not going to repeat because it is remaining the same until the end of 12 weeks.
The three things I did very well today:
1.      Got up right away and exercised;
2.      Preplanned for my meals;
3.      Ate my planned foods.
One thing I am doing better tomorrow:
1.      Supporting my husband.
Only two more days till cheat day!