Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 3 - Push Through The Pain

This morning started at 3:45. My son started to cry but thankfully he quickly quieted down. I barely got back to sleep when the alarm went off at 4:30. I grit my teeth, turned on the light and started to get dressed. Jason was hating life this morning as he hasn't been sleeping well. I refused to think, I knew my brain would be screaming like a two-year-old "I want to go back to bed!" By the time I made it to the garage I wasn't hating being awake as much. I had just started stretching when my son began to cry again, but this time I knew it was time to check on him. Yesterday it was teething pain, today it was overflowed diaper and teething pain. After changing him and the sheets, he was awake...very awake. Nothing would make him happy and it took me about 20 minutes to get him calmed down and back in bed. Back to the workout I go.
As I begin, I am feeling great as I start going through the stages. I have my clock all ready and it is working perfect. About 10 minutes in I start to feel the workout, and not in a good way. I am tired and my muscles are complaining. Continuing on, it wasn't until the very last set and I am 4 minutes before stopping that the agony started. Now when I say agony, I don't mean injured pain, I mean fatigued pain. I think our bodies are wired to not want to exert themselves. My brain continued to bombard me with "Please stop!" messages from my legs. Determined to not think about the pain, I begin to chant eight, eight, eight  (this being the exertion level) and then nine, nine nine... When it got to be level 10, the self talk started: "Come on Carey, you can do it! Get over this hill, only 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds, five, four, three, two and done!" I felt like I wanted to throw up. Exertion level 10 is everything you have and I swear I gave it all and then some. My husband, being the awesome man he is, came over and kissed my cheek and said "you did great, honey." How did I get so lucky??
After my shower I felt spectacular! I was full of energy and excited about the day. I finished my morning routine (ironing and making breakfast) and we sat down to breakfast at 6:30. We had our usual Western Omelet (recipe shared on Day 1) and one cup of coffee. I am not sure if I told you all, but after reading the book an example given by the author included one cup of coffee. Thank Goodness! However, that means black coffee. Not a problem for my husband but a real bummer for me, I love cream in my coffee! Oh well, some coffee is better than none.
Strawberry chocolate protein shake at 10:30. It was later than I planned but I was delayed due to printer issues and being on the phone with tech support. Have you ever had one of those days when it seemed like everything was trying to send you over the edge? Fortunately, I handled it very well thanks to my previous years of character building exercises! Ha ha. As I was on the phone with tech support, Ian woke up from his nap. I picked him up and thought I would hold him for a bit while I was on the phone. Usually I change him right after he wakes up. Seeing as I didn't, all of a sudden pea starting running down my side and onto the floor. Nice. So now we both had to change clothes, a diaper and clean up the floor. All the while staying on the phone and troubleshooting my printer! No worries, I handled it like a champ. I didn't even get a tone with the technician. Very  impressed with myself. Turns out that Ian has grown too big for his current diapers but too small for the next size. Sigh. Thankfully the store had some overnight super-duty diapers, hope those work!
Left-over pasta from last night was lunch at 12:00 p.m. At 2:30 I had my protein shake and dinner was at 5:00. Dinner was super fast and easy! I thought I was going to make the chickpea basil stuff but realized I forgot to freeze the pork chops and they needed to get eaten. So, I sprinkled some of that steak seasoning I spoke of Monday and popped it on the grill. I threw two previously roasted potatoes on too and in 10 minutes dinner was done. The pork chops were super thin and cooked really fast. The skin of the potatoes crisped up were so delicious. I popped in the microwave some frozen green beans mixed with corn. When it all came out I sprinkled it with some garlic salt. Oh my, that was good. I was still a little hungry afterwards, but one I drank the rest of my water that sensation went away.
I just finished my evening snack at 7:30 of cottage cheese and strawberries. I am feeling satisfied but not full, an interesting feeling. I know this is how you are supposed to feel normally, but I tend to pig out! I love that "oh my, I must unbutton my jeans before I die" feeling. I can still have it, I know, but only once per week now. I have been thinking lately that might not be a bad way to go from now on. I mean if you really watch what you eat six days per week and then eat to your heart's content only one day, you are sure to not gain weight!
The five things I planned to do today to help me move toward my 12-week goal:
1.      Eat only what I am supposed to. (I did survive walking into Target this afternoon just after they made popcorn...oh yes, we are eating popcorn on Sunday...LOTS OF BUTTER);
2.      Exercise - get up right away;
3.      Drink 10 glasses of water;
4.      Visualize success; and
5.      Post on my blog.
I am happy to report that I did do all I planned to do today. I can't believe how easy this is! Just make the effort and it's done!
The three things I did well today:
1.      Got up even though I was exhausted;
2.      Stayed true to my regimen even though I didn't want to; and
3.      Pushed through my cardio routine.
The one thing I am doing better tomorrow: Have breakfast prepared tonight!
So far, so good!