Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 20 - Seeing Real Changes

Today I didn't get up and exercise right away, that happened at 9:30. I did give my exercise everything I had and came to some interesting thoughts about how the exercises are performed. The other day Jason commented that he had been exercising incorrectly and it was causing him to constantly lose his form. He read the book again and found that you add weight until 6 reps then you drop the weight significantly to hit 12 reps. The way the exercises are explained in the book, you hit total exertion at the end but in my mind I disagree. I think you hit total exertion at 6 reps then after dropping the weight you can then do it again. Okay, if I haven't totally lost you, bear with me.
What the book says:
Chest Press: 12 Reps, 7.5 pounds, IL (Intensity Level) 5
                     10 Reps, 10 pounds, IL 6
                       8 Reps, 12.5 pounds, IL 7
                       6 Reps, 15 pounds, IL 8
                     12 Reps, 10 pounds, IL 9
Push Up:      12 Reps, zero pounds, IL 10
But this never happens to me, I hit IL 10 at 6 reps if I continue to raise my weights. This is good but following the "rules" makes me crazy! So I am now thinking instead of one progressive upward slope, there are actually two slopes that hit IL 10.
Chest Press: 12 Reps, 7.5 pounds, IL 5
                     10 Reps, 10 pounds, IL 7
                        8 Reps, 12.5 pounds, IL 8.5
                        6 Reps, 15 pounds, IL 10
                        12 Reps, 10 pounds, IL 8
Push Up:       12 Reps, zero pounds, IL 10
I think if I shoot for this, it gives my muscles a change to exhaust twice and enhances my workout. I also have started stretching in between reps. This has really prevented me from being too sore.
This morning's workout was really good. I grit my teeth on a few and had to drop weight in the middle of some reps because I lost total strength. I am feeling really good and officially noticed some significant change today. I put on a house dress I have worn for years and it dropped down so low in front that I had to pull it up. This has never happened before. Jason says he can see some abdominal definition on me. I got on the scale and I had lost one pound this week. I know eventually the weight will stop coming off, but it is the measurements I am most excited to see. That happens next Saturday!
My Upper Body Workout Today:
CHEST: Chest Press first five, Push Up last one;
SHOULDERS: Press first five, Side Raises last one;
BACK: Wide Grip Pulldown first five, Reverse Grip Pulldown last one;
TRICEPS: Close Grip Pulldown first five, Dumbbell Extensions last one; and
BICEPS: Dumbbell Curls first five, Hammer Curls last one.
We had the discussion a few days ago about form and upper our weight. I think if you maintain good form but add weight gradually, you can achieve the same end result without the risk of injury. I think pushing for the final one or two is good but maybe try to find a balance between how much you overcompensate to get that rep completed. I still believe if you lose your form, you lose the benefit.
Breakfast was eggs whites with onions, bell peppers and chilies served with left over Indian bread. We enjoyed a heaping spoonful of hot salsa sold at the farmer's market.
Morning Snack was ½ Banana mixed with vanilla protein powder, YUMMY!
Lunch was left over Indian potato stuff my friend Dhara made and ½ breast of left over fajita chicken breast.
Missed my afternoon snack.
Dinner was the same as lunch.
Evening Snack was a boiled egg and ½ piece of Hungarian sweet bread I made for my Easter basket. Now, I know that was not on the diet but I had to have some, it was too tempting. Jason wanted to eat 5 eggs but I told him it wasn't cheat day. I then wanted to eat more bread and he reminded me it wasn't cheat day. I really hate it when he catches me doing bad stuff. Darn him!
We are all ready for our cheat day tomorrow. Stay Tuned!