Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 17 - Telling Myself "I LOVE IT!"

Motivational Quote: "What is absolutely indispensable is strict follow-through, effort and stick-to-itiveness. Don't be frightened if things seem difficult in the beginning. That's only the initial impression. The important thing is not to retreat; you have to master yourself. This ability to conquer oneself is no doubt the most precious of all the things sports bestow upon us." ~Olga Korbut
Today, food temptations were greeting me everywhere. We forgot our evening snack yesterday. I remembered as I was falling asleep, but by that time I was not getting up to eat. Then this morning I had my morning snack and lunch two hours later than I usually do. I had to go to the grocery store (aka temptation city). Double sucked that I bought Ian some goodies I know I can't have. He has been turning up his nose at the Cheerios lately so I thought to buy him Life Cereal instead. I love Life Cereal. Course, I forgot this until I opened the box and saw the crisp, sweet morsels staring back at me. Oh, and I was starving! This was just before I finally ate my lunch. I gave some to Ian and had to throw any left in my hand away as I wanted to throw them in my mouth! For breakfast this morning Ian enjoyed our left over french toast casserole and I had to wash my hands so not to lick my fingers after tearing it into little bite size pieces. The temptation is tough but I know that if I say no now, I will really enjoy my treasure later.
This challenge has forced me to do what the motivational quote says - master yourself. While I usually ate healthy, and usually exercised a few times a month, I never stuck with anything long enough to realize the fruits of my labor. It is really sad to look at my success journal now. Every day I preplanned but there was zero follow through. The pages are blank. It was like I had high hopes but when it came down to it, I always gave myself an out. Oh you are tired, oh you have been doing so good, oh oh oh...! I now see so clearly why I fell short in many of my goals. Hindsight is 20/20.
Not eating last night hit us in the morning. Both of us were lacking on energy and stumbling around. To up the intensity, I had been doing some soul searching about my workouts. I asked myself if I was really giving my workouts everything I had, and I had to honestly While I would push myself for the 9 and 10 parts of the workout, I was letting the five and six drop to two or three. Okay, if I haven't totally lost you. In the cardio workout, you exercise for 20 minutes. You push yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most you can possibly give. So, when the workout calls for a six, I was giving it a two or three. Slacker.
Today, I opted to give it a real six and not let myself cool down so much. I tell you, I FELT, really FELT my workout today. I had to keep my mind focused on the moment and not think about how long I had to go. I focused on one minute at a time. I was feeling the burn at 5 minutes to go. When the minute came to give it my 10, my body wanted to stop. I closed my eyes and cried "I love this, I love 10, come on, you can do it!"I got off the bike and I wanted to die. I knew I had officially given my workout everything I had. There are no excuses here or room for slackers. Get real or GET OUT!
Breakfast today was protein oatmeal, not bad as I was starving. Funny how when you are really hungry everything tastes good!
Snack at 11:00 was vanilla shake and strawberries.
Lunch at 2:30 was leftover Marsala Pork.
Missed afternoon snack
Jason was working late so it was leftovers! Dinner at 4:30 was left over chicken fajitas with a twist. I sliced up fresh onions, yellow peppers and chicken into my slightly sprayed pan and heated it up. When it was about finished I added some salsa and Tabasco sauce. It gave it a nice spicy zip! I rolled that up into a whole wheat tortilla and enjoyed every bite!
My evening snack at 8:00 was a strawberry vanilla protein shake.
The three things I did well today:
1.      Gave it 100% in my workout today;
2.      Didn't sneak any small tastes from items outside my diet;
3.      Visualized success.
The one thing I am doing better tomorrow:
1.      Eating ALL my snacks!