Sunday, April 3, 2011

Get Set....

Here it is, the day before we start our program and the heat is on! We spent the day feasting on pancakes covered in butter and maple syrup, brats and sauerkraut with fries for lunch and La Casita chimichangas (enchilada style with sour cream) and chocolate chimichangas for dessert. While the eating was fun, we are stuffed and ready to start our Body for Life!
So, I found out that Bill Phillips, the creator of Body for Life, spun off and developed something new called the Transformation. We missed the deadline for participating in that goal but it was 18 weeks and I like the idea of only doing 12. After reviewing the website for the original Body for Life, it was clear to me that there was a parting of ways. Going off of what the book recommended, the Body for Life website deviates from that plan. I believe in the program originally created by Bill Phillips and that is the plan Jason and I are participating in.
In creating the meal plan for eating right, it was clear to me that roasting was the only way to go to maximize flavor without adding oil. Usually I cook my onions, peppers and garlic in oil in a pan. That incorporates too much fat into our diet. With only 1 TBLS of oil allotted per person, per day, we have to really watch how we use it. I decided if I roast my onions, peppers and garlic beforehand, it shortens my cooking time and eliminates most of my oil needs. Let's see how that works! I went by the library today and picked out a couple of diabetic and healthy cooking books. Diabetic for the no-sugar and the healthy for the low in fat. I think if I mix it up, I may come up with a few good ideas!
We have finalized our workouts for tomorrow, but I ran out of time trying to get the entire week planned. I have to accept my imperfections and focus on improvement! Anyway the workouts for the week are broken down into three groups: Upper Body, Lower Body and Cardio. The Upper and Lower Body portions take about 45 minutes, the cardio is only 20 minutes. During our planning stage, Jason and I discovered that it would be a conflict for us both to try to work out on the same body parts simultaneously. Our gym is just not that big (it is located in our garage). We decided to alternate so that one person is weight lifting and the other is doing cardio so we both can exercise at the same time. I knew if I tried to exercise later, it would never happen. See, planning ahead works, we might have argued or stopped our work out. It was important for us to identify and eliminate road blocks. The plan calls for upper body, cardio, lower body, cardio, and back to upper body, etc. Cardio breaks up the alternation of upper and lower body exercises.
This program is broken down into three parts: Exercise, Eating Clean and Maintaining a Positive Mindset. We have covered the first two, now for the fun part, trying to figure out what makes you fail and why you want to succeed. For me, having attempted this diet before, I knew my greatest weakness was fatigue and lack of planning. I would get tired, not plan, then get hungry, then cheat, feel guilty, then drink, then feel hung-over and not exercise and off the wagon I go. Course, that was over seven years ago and things have changed, but I know planning is key. In order for me to overcome those tired and worn-out days, I need to have a plan already worked out to alleviate some of my stress. The plan also asks you to write down three reasons why you want to do this program, I wrote:
1.      Tired of being so close to obtaining my ideal body and falling short;
2.      Ready to love being in a bikini; and
3.      I want my husband and I to be healthy and set a positive example for our son.
It also asks you to identify three pattern bad behavior and think of new patterns to overcome them, I wrote:
1.      OLD: Not getting up with the alarm. I swear, that alarm goes off and I will roll over and not get up for another hour. I can be arguing with myself about getting up and my body will say "okay, when you guys get this figured out, let me know. In the meantime, I am going back to bed!"
NEW: When the alarm goes off, sit up and put my feet on the floor. It is time I start keeping the promises I make to myself.
2.      OLD: Get tired and stop planning ahead and stop making good decisions.
NEW: Have plan for the entire week, review my goals and ask for help if I feel overwhelmed. This is tough because sometimes I want to do everything and never need help. Unfortunately, the more I live, the more I realize I can't do it on my own. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but of strength.
3.      OLD: Use alcohol as a stress release.
NEW: Yoga every night to help relieve stress and get to sleep easier.
Now, I need to write down five things that I can do between today and tomorrow at this same time to make progress toward my  ultimate goal?
1.      Finish planning exercises for the week.
2.      Get up and exercise in the morning
3.      Stick to the eating regime
4.      Drink 10 glasses of water
5.       Visualize success.
Bill talks about the Universal Law of Reciprocation. Doing for others helps you do for yourself. I think that is how it goes, to be honest I am winging that because I am too tired to go look it up. That sounds pathetic, I will clarify that tomorrow. Anyway, write down two things you can do by this time tomorrow to motivate and encourage others. Well, this is private and I think those people would not appreciate being on my blog. I think that would give the idea that I didn't have their best interests at heart and was only doing it so I would ultimately benefit.
Last we took our "before" pictures. While I don't look that bad, I don't think I am looking that good either. This should be interesting to say the least! Jason thinks more people will read my blog if they find out I am posing for pictures in a bikini. I think not.