Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2 - Feeling Full of Energy

Here is the link for anyone wanting to download eating and workout sheets that I reference in this blog: http://bodyforlife.com/downloads/bfl_charts.pdf . It is also found on the Body for Life website under Library, Tools, then scroll down to Progress Reports.
So last night as I was finishing out my journal, the final statement to answer read "Please write down one thing you will do even better tomorrow." First off, I dislike the term "will do" and rarely use it. It is a passive statement and I choose to write using action language. If you talk passively, you act passively. My spin on the statement reads "What is one thing you are doing better tomorrow?" I responded with Planning Ahead. I think this has been the one thing that has held me back in life. Putting off for tomorrow what I could do today. Sad, but unless you do it today, tomorrow never comes. You have to make time NOW or other opportunities won't materialize because old thoughts and ideas are the way. Get motivated to keep your mind clutter-free!
Alright, off my high horse. Anyway, after I wrote that statement I knew I needed to start planning for tomorrow, but I was so tired. Getting up at 4:30 and not stopping all day was kicking me in the tailbone! I consciously acknowledged my situation and then pushed it out of my head. I knew if I didn't make the effort at that moment, I would most certainly fail tomorrow. I needed to take those small steps to eliminate the speed bumps! What are speed bumps? Those little annoying problems that arise and break your stride. Ever think about why driving on the highway is so nice? No stop and go, well most of the time that is! It can take me the same time to drive 30 miles on the highway as it does 5 miles in town. If you want to get to your goal faster, you have to take out the stoplights! When do you do that? The night before plan your route!
Okay, so I wrote down my exercises there was a section that wants you to fill out what weight you want to use with the planned exercise. Well, when I first attempted to complete this program I was a member of a gym. I had access to any weight I wanted (as long as no one else was using it). Now my gym is in my garage and we do not have a large assortment of weights, so I have to get creative. Now I could have just written down the weight and left it at that. Unfortunately, a little voice said to set up the weight room. URRRGGGGG! I was super tired at that point and it took a lot of effort to make my way to the garage. I spent 10 minutes setting up the weight room to make it easy for me to start and move between exercises. I realized we hadn't been putting away weights like we should and I almost laid a 45 pound weight on my foot. That allowed the conversation to occur between me and my husband and come to an agreement on how we are to maintain our weight room now that we plan on using it regularly. I cringe at the thought of how I might have reacted if that happened in the morning! It would have ruined everyone's day. So, I left my planning session feeling invigorated and excited about the next day. If you plan, you are excited, if you don't, you are full of dread.
One thing I noticed going through my journal again after so many years, is I can see where I went wrong before. I began to cut corners. Now it wasn't significant at first, initially it was not writing down my weights ahead of time. By week four, I wasn't doing much of anything. Needless to say, there was no week 5. This motivates me to do everything in the journal every day. If I take care of the small stuff, the big stuff just falls into place.
Whew, I guess I had a lot on my mind! Now on the real stuff. What five things am I doing today to help me stay on track to reach my goals? Here are my five things to do today:
1.      Get up right away and exercise in the morning
2.      Drink 10 glasses of water
3.      Stick to my eating regimen
4.      Visualize success
5.      Post on my blog
Funny thing, these are very similar to what I planned yesterday. Why? They work. Often we get it in our head we have to be original every day. As if doing the same thing day in and day out is a bad thing. Actually, repetition is the best way to create a habit. Once a habit is developed, it does not require thought. Back when I smoked (years ago), it did not require any effort for me to start the car, grab a cigarette, light it and put the car in reverse. It was very difficult to overcome. Get into the habit of making good choices. Another reason to write it down is it engages your brain differently. I am sure there have been studies done, or at least someone wrote a book on it, but saying something versus writing it down are acted upon differently. At least it is for me. If I write something down, I am more apt to remember it and act upon it. So, do yourself a favor and WRITE IT DOWN!
Now it is time to write down the three things I did yesterday that helped me move toward my goal:
1.      Drank 10 glasses of water;
2.      Exercised; and
3.      Eat only what I was supposed to.
My workout consisted of Upper Body exercises:
CHEST: Chest Fly for my first five exercises, then Bench Press for my last exercise.
SHOULDERS: Seated Dumbbell Press for the five exercises and Side Raises last.
BACK: Widegrip Pulldown first five, Reverse Grip Pulldown last.
TRICEPS: Dumbbell Extension first five, Lying Dumbbell Extensions last.
BICEPS: Incline Dumbbell Curls first five, Seated Dumbbell Curls last.
I have not worked out in a LONG time. I looked at where I was at previously and smiled, I know I can't do that much weight anymore and I am not going to try. If you go for gold on your first day you can injure yourself. Suck it up, you have to go light to begin with (unless of course you are exercising regularly). It is always more important to focus on proper form. Make sure you aren't using other muscle groups to help finish the set. If you find you are losing form, lower your weight.
I went into the workout excited, I was five minutes ahead schedule then life happened. My son, who is one-year-old and teething, decided to wake up and required some attention. I left to change his diaper and give him a sippy cup of warm milk. That took about 10 minutes. So back to my workout but because I had everything all ready, I was able to finish 11 minutes behind schedule. I imagine if I didn't have my plan together and I was "winging" it, it is likely that 10 minutes would have set me back 20.
Since today was the day when Jason did his 20 minute cardio routine, he was finished before I was. I knew I would be pressed for time so I suggested he iron his own shirt. I love my husband so much because he said "no problem, that's too easy." Since I didn't have that hanging over my head I was able to enjoy the final 20 minutes of my workout.
My son eats everything we eat, at least he used to. Now our diet is not appropriate for a baby with higher calorie, calcium and fat requirements. His growing body and brain need those for proper development. So, in addition to making separate breakfasts for me and Jason, I had to whip up some pancakes for Ian and fry an egg separately. Good news is I don't have to make it from scratch tomorrow, there was plenty of leftovers. The worst part was smelling the delicious aroma of hot cinnamon pancakes covered in real maple syrup. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one going without and we laughed on how we are mentally making our list of things we want to eat on our cheat day.
This is why I love this eating plan. I endure the significant restrictions but I know it isn't forever. As other diets I have tried, I am depending on the scale to tell me when I can eat restricted foods. Whereas now, I know it is coming up on Sunday and I am willing to wait those six days for hot pancakes... Yum...
At 9:00, I had my strawberry protein shake. Now, the three strawberries I was eating before seemed like a lot more than a handful when I chopped them up. So instead of chopping and putting the entire amount in my shake, I chopped and only put in a handful. The leftovers I saved for my afternoon shake.
At 12:00, I ate leftover Paprika chicken, steamed brown rice and salad drizzled in white wine vinegar.
At 3:00, I had a strawberry protein shake.
Dinner was served at 5:00 p.m.
1 lb Ground Turkey
2 tsp Parsley
1 tsp Sage
1 tsp Marjoram
1 tsp Thyme
1 tsp Cumin
½ tsp Rosemary
½ tsp Basil
½ tsp Ground Black Pepper
¼ tsp Salt
½ Roasted Onion
1 Roasted Bell Pepper
4 cloves Garlic, minced
1 28oz can plum tomatoes
1 28oz can crushed tomatoes
1 box of Whole Wheat Penne Pasta
In a large heavy skillet over medium heat brown the ground turkey. When no longer pink add spices and stir. When thoroughly mixed, add rest of ingredients (except pasta). Break up the whole plum tomatoes into small pieces. Stir and simmer for 40 minutes.
To cook pasta: Follow directions on box. Bring water to a boil (do not add salt or oil). Add pasta and cook for directed time for desired doneness. Drain water and add sauce to the pasta and stir.
For portions measure out enough for 1 portion carb + 1 portion protein. It was very flavorful!
This evening we are having a strawberry chocolate shake again at 8:00.
Now I reflect on the three things I did very well today:
1.      Eating only what is on the regime;
2.      Exercise; and
3.      Planning ahead for my workout.
The one thing I am doing better tomorrow: Planning ahead. I think this is going to be an evolving process!