Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 18 - Renewed Energy

Motivational Quote: Guys running around the league make jokes about how hard we practice. And sometimes, in the middle of four or five hours of running, you're thinking, "Yeesch, this is rediculous!" ~ Doc Rivers
I finally feel at one with the eight ball. Not behind, not ahead but right there next to the eight ball. We are clipping along today at a great speed and I am keeping up. This is a new development for me. Usually I am way behind running trying to keep up with my day. I personally think it has a lot to do with working out on a regular basis. It gives me so much more energy!
Today got off to a not-so-great start. I think I woke up about three times last night. Just as I was really hitting that REM sleep, my alarm goes off. I turned on my lamp and laid there. We wanted to go back to sleep so badly. I get up and got dressed and started my workout right on time. Both Jason and I are on target for time and we enjoy an extra 20 minutes for breakfast. That is my favorite time of day and it is so nice not to rush things.
Breakfast at 6:15 was Western Omelet and coffee. I remembered my snack of vanilla protein shake and strawberries at 10:30. Lunch was leftover pasta at 1:45. Snack was vanilla protein and ½ grapefruit. Dinner at 7:30 was leftover pork marsala. This is what I love about this diet. We eat smaller portions and more is leftover. This makes it so nice for nights like tonight when I am exhausted and we don't have time to cook anything. Saves us from cheating or eating out.
Today was Lower Body:
QUADS:  Squat first five, Leg Extensions last one;
HAMSTRINGS: Leg Curls first five, Deadlift last one;
CALVES: Calf raises first five, Decline Calf Raises last one;
ABS: Leg Raises first five, Crunches last one.
The three things I did well today:
1.      Exercised my heart out!
2.      Ate all my meals; and
3.      Drank my 10 glasses of water.
One thing I am doing better tomorrow:
1.      No slacking on cardio, give it everything I got!
I love getting into a groove. It is too bad it took me three weeks to get there!