Saturday, April 2, 2011

Get Ready....

So we are less than two days away from our starting point. To celebrate our official first cheat day tomorrow, we are eating out for breakfast. So far we are cleaning out our fridge and consuming everything which could be consider a hindrance to our success. Yesterday I made our weekly meal plan and went grocery shopping. I am excited about this new diet but apprehensive as Jason is not a veggie fan. I know it is going to be a lot of work, but we are both excited about the possibilities!
So, our meal plan consists of
Every breakfast this week: egg mixed with veggies and either chopped up baked potatoes or one slice of flat bread.
Snacks for
·         Jason: ½ protein/carb bar for morning and afternoon snack.
·         Carey: protein shake with fruit for morning and in afternoon cottage cheese and fruit
Evening snack for both of us: protein shake with fruit
·         Lunch: meatballs and pasta covered in homemade tomato sauce
·         Dinner: baked fish and asparagus with bakes potato
·         Lunch: meatballs again
·         Dinner: paprika chicken, veggies and baked potato
·         Lunch: paprika chicken again
·         Dinner: fajitas with flatbread
·         Lunch: fajitas again
·         Dinner: chickpea basil saute
·         Lunch: grilled chicken salad and flatbread
·         Dinner: grilled pork, veggies and baked potato
·         Lunch: salad
·         Dinner: soup
·         Lunch: chicken sandwich
·         Dinner: Baked fish, veggies and baked potato
I am feeling optimistic. This is the most I have ever planned for a diet! Usually, I say "hey, I think I will start a diet next week." With no plan in place, it only takes a couple of days to pass before I find myself cheating. Tomorrow we are outlining our workout plan. Stay tuned!