Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 10 - Energy abounds!

Wow, double digits! This is a real achievement. Writing everything down really helps identify where I have fallen short before. I still was super tired when I woke up today, but I have way more energy today! I ended up starting my workout 15 minutes later than I planned. Today was cardio and I figured I would make up the time. I didn't. I managed to get everything done but Jason left 5 minutes later than he usually does. I need to really be strong in the preplan department; I tend to let that slide sometimes.
My motivational quote of the day is: Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath ~Wilt Chamberlain. I have lived this my entire life! It seems I always had the odds stacked against me. I don't know if I am the only one who feels this way, but I have persevered and overcame. I know I am a stronger person as a result. I think those rare people who never have to struggle in life end up having the least fun. Thanks for everyone who is cheering me on during this 12 week program.
Yesterday Jason and I went to marriage preparation classes since we want to formally marry in the Catholic church. During class the priest talked about commitment and the hard times that eventually come. As I was driving home I thought about this 12 week commitment. I guess I never succeeded before because I hadn't truly committed myself to the program like I have now. Yesterday was a great example. I was really tired and it is very appealing to just go to sleep. Yet, it didn't occur to me to deviate from the program. I knew it was going to suck, but I had to do it and there were no other options. Period. How many times in our daily lives have we undermined our dreams because we weren't really committed. When things got hard and took too much effort, did we stop or keep going? How committed are you? I think for me I never thought of it this way and it was always too easy to hit the snooze bar or eat fast food. "Just this once" I would say. Well Carey, "Just this once" let's not give up on ourselves. This isn't brain surgery nor is it very difficult. It takes time and effort, that is it. You can do it!
 Breakfast was at 6:30 today and we ate egg whites mixed with roasted chili peppers, onions and red peppers and one piece of bread. It was really delicious. I don't mind eating bread dry but I think Jason misses his butter and jam.
Snack was the strawberry chocolate protein shake at 10:30.
11:30 lunch was left over Chicken Pico De Gallo and one piece of bread, which I shared with my son. He is like his momma, loves his bread!
Missed my afternoon snack...whoops!
4:30 Dinner was Spaghetti and Meatballs.
When I cook spaghetti, I always cook the entire box and freeze the left-overs. Only takes a few minutes to warm up in boiling water for a one to two minutes and wha la, you have fresh made spaghetti.
1 lb ground buffalo meat (bison)
4 carrots diced small (used the processor)
1 onion diced small (processor)
2 eggs (yolks included)
1 package frozen spinach (sorry, missed the size and I am not digging through the trash)
2 tsp parsley
 1 ½ tsp Italian Seasoning
½ tsp pepper
These are pretty straight forward. Thaw the spinach and rinse. Be sure and squeeze out all the water before mixing it with the other ingredients. I forgot that step today and I had a squishy mess. I had to use a cheesecloth and press out the excess water with my hands. Very time consuming! Anyway, you add everything and mix with your hands. Sorry, this doesn't work as well if you use a utensil, your hands are required to get everything all mixed together. Make a ball out of 2 TBLS of mixture and place on pan. Cook for 20 - 30 in 350 degree oven. These are very easy.  
1 tsp oil
½ bell pepper, chopped
½ onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic
28 oz can of Plum tomatoes
2 tsp capers
2 tsp Italian Seasoning
½ tsp pepper
Heat oil in pan over medium heat. Add bell pepper and onion and saute until translucent, add garlic and lightly brown. Add tomatoes and chop up the whole tomatoes while in pan. Add capers and spices. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes or more.
I have some left over spaghetti in the freezer and dumped it in boiling water for a couple of minutes. It turned out perfect! Dinner was satisfying. We really notice how much we used to eat. Jason would load up his entire plate with spaghetti and sauce. To see the small amount he ate today was a little shocking.
The three things I did well today:
1.      Ate only food on the plan;
2.      Exercised; and
3.      Posted blog.
The one thing I am doing better tomorrow:
1.      Eating all six skipping!