Monday, April 4, 2011

GO!.....Day 1 of our Body for Life Diet

You would think with all our preplanning things would go without a hitch. You thought wrong! Jason sprung out of bed and I didn't even know the alarm went off. I looked at the clock and realized, today was the day. I got dressed and we both went into the garage to work out. So these workouts are timed. Guess what? My clock on my bike went dead. No worries, I grabbed my phone and at 10 minutes it's battery started to go dead. I had to use a clock with no second hand. That sucked, I was almost to the end of my workout and I was dying. That last minute I kept saying "come on 12, come on 12." 12 being the next minute and I was done. I got off the bike and I was spent. I jumped into the shower, ironed Jason's shirt and was off to make breakfast 10 minutes ahead of schedule.
20 Minute Aerobics Solution:
Planned Start Time: 4:45 am      
Actual Start Time: 4:50 am
Actual End Time: 5:12 am (accounting for the time lost searching for more clocks!)
The workout plan is downloadable on the Body for Life website. It is the same we use. In our attempts to print it out for the week, we found out our printer was out of ink. No worries, Jason was able to use his even though it was barely readable. I got off the bike wanting die, in the shower I felt sick and it wasn't until I had my breakfast that I felt better. I know that it was my body saying "where is our fuel??" It is good to know it had to use up some of its stored resources! Ha ha. Jason was spent on his workout too.
In reviewing the examples provided by the old Body for Life, I found they did allow for one cup of coffee in the morning. Very good for Jason as he was not sure how to function without it. Actually, I think those he works with will appreciate that one cup allowance! I made a yummy breakfast at 6:30am:
¼ cup Egg Beaters (Jason was served ½ cup)
1 cut up small roasted red potato
1 TBLS roasted onion
2 TBLS roasted bell pepper
Because that was all cooked prior, I only had to heat it up in the pan and then add the egg. Since I didn't use oil, (I have a seasoned cast iron pan, I hate non-stick) it didn't crisp up like I prefer, but not biggie. I added some Tabasco and it was very satisfying.
At 9:45, I pureed three large strawberries (enough for my palm) and a scoop of protein powder and water. Not bad at all.
At 11:30, I heated up a frozen grilled pork chop (no bbq sauce), made a small salad with dried fruit and chopped broccoli and finished it off with a heated up roasted potato. The potato wasn't bad, I sprinkled some salt and pepper and it was very good. The pork chop was one I had grilled earlier with Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning. I like it because it is one of the few bbq spices available without sugar.
At 2:30, I had another protein strawberry shake.
At 4:50, we ate a very delicious dinner if I might say so myself! It is a spin on paprika chicken. Most recipes call for a sour cream sauce to be made at the end. Seeing how that is not an option, I made some radical changes!
3 chicken breast halves, lightly season both sides with salt and pepper.
Sprinkle smoked paprika over both sides until a nice red color.
Place in a medium-hot pan (again, I use my cast iron you can use non-stick) and cooked both sides until brown (about 3-4 minutes each side). After cooking both sides add:
1 cup vegetable broth (lower in fat than chicken)
1 roasted onion
1 roasted bell pepper
1 15oz can of roasted diced tomatoes
Bring to a boil. Turn down heat and cover, simmer for 30 - 40 minutes. Served over steamed brown rice. Another salad to go with it. (Our dressing is simply red wine or balsamic vinegar, no oil)
We are preparing for our evening snack. Jason is having a strawberry protein shake and I am having cottage cheese and strawberries. If you can't tell, they had strawberries on sale this week!
Now to prepare for tomorrow. Only 5 days left till cheat day!