Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 22 – Doing the Best I Can

Today was a super rough day but I didn’t deviate from the course. I got up this morning still feeling a little ill. The alarm went off and I rolled over and didn’t get up. Jason beat me out of bed - that usually doesn’t happen. I finally made it out to the garage and knew my 20 minutes would take everything I had this morning because I sure didn’t have much. I was hurting too bad till about 10 minutes in and then I started focusing on one minute at a time. At one point I realized my feet weren’t moving very fast but I was exerting a lot of effort. I then laughed as my upper body was doing all the work. I had a white knuckle grip on the handle bars and I was rocking back and forth with such force that I had stopped pedaling very fast as a result. I laughed at what I must have looked like!
I know I have a distinct goal everyday on how hard I think I need to work out. Today, I really felt like I was missing my mark, but I knew I was giving it everything I had. I finally said to myself “It’s okay Carey; you give it everything YOU have.” I knew I had to accept my shortfalls and sometimes my mind has ideas my body can’t measure up to. I can’t beat myself up about not being everything I think I need to be every day. What’s important is that I am giving it everything I have every day. I have to learn to accept what I can do versus what I want to do. It is likely tomorrow is going to be better. It doesn’t mean I quit trying; I just have to quit hating myself when I don’t achieve the nearly impossible all the time.
I ate on target today, even though the leftover pecan pie in the fridge is calling my name every time I open it! AHHH…!  I am happy to report that it is the end of the day and I ate all my snacks.
6:30 breakfast – Western Omelet
9:30 snack – Vanilla Protein Shake and ½ mashed banana
12:00 lunch – Chicken Pico De Gallo and one roti tortilla (still working on it, I am making some improvements – no oil in it today!)
3:00 snack – Vanilla shake with ½ mashed banana
5:45 dinner – Ate out tonight, I was too tired to cook. We ate guiltless steak at Chilis. It came with steamed broccoli, (it did have a sprinkling of parmesan cheese but I figured it wasn’t enough to really throw us off our diet) 2 corn tortillas and one glass of red wine. Perfect! The waitress remarked on how healthy we were eating, maybe so but it tasted so good I didn’t miss all the deep fried yummyness I saw on the menu. J
8:30 snack – since my stead was a little bigger than my hand, I opted to have ½ grapefruit for my snack and no protein.
I am thinking I will feel better tomorrow. I am really happy this day is OVER.